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Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3rd continued

Another Solid Building Block Day in the Blue Room...
We worked a good 20 minutes on the hang power clean
Simply allowing you the time to explore this movement has had a dramatic effect on your understanding of it and how small changes make such a big difference.
Next time we'll go for the whole ball of whacks and hit the full squat clean!

The Workout of the Day was an opportunity to get some tough efforts in on the strict press...
Good to see so many of you dial in on this!

AMRAP in 20 Min:
7 Strict Press
14 Squat
7 Chins
14 Squat

1Strict: 65W - 95M
2Strict 55W - 75M
3Strict 45W - 65M

Our Multiple Muscle-Up club had a Beast of a time testing their Strength

15, 12, 9 for time
Thrusters x 105lb

1 comment:

Jerry Hill said...

I bumped Stacey up to a 70lb Press and Craig up to a 105lb press; they both had no problems and churned out 7 reps at a time!

There are more but a few off the top of my head...Betsy, Kevin, Dozer, Stuart...all really started started to dial in a bit more with this movement by "locking in the core".