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Monday, March 31, 2008

Speed Strength

Magoo gets over the bar and logs in his first official Chin-up!
Congrat's Magoo!

It was good to see so many of you kick into the extra gear needed for the hang squat clean! I saw some quality reps and a quick learning curve for our newer members - and some hard fought efforts from our experienced vets. High rep hang squat cleans are one of the greatest conditioning movements in our exercise shed...

1. Hang Squat Clean: 3 rounds x 15 reps

You go, partner goes - don't put the bar down

2. "Damage"

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

9 Push Press

9 Jumping Slamball

9 Chin-ups

9 Jumping Lunge (each leg)


georgia said...

Way to go, Magoo!

Anonymous said...

umm, I wish I hit 9 - more like 4-6