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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

“The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion.”
- Jean Claude Killy

We Hit "Fran" and "Ashley" today...Those who got 1 on Monday got the other today...Those that missed Monday got a double date...

Flickr Slideshow of the Action

We witnessed some gutsy perfomances today!

Some bumped up to heavier weights, others ditched the bands, everyone went full throttle!

James hit a pullup PR and joined Keturah and Terence in a no band "Fran" effort!

Mike hit a new class record: 4:59 "Fran"!


Jerry Hill said...


Mike 4:59 (Men: class record!)
Vinnie ?

Pro thruster:
Jud 12:36 (9x5 pink)

Joel 7:25
Elizabeth 8:06
Keturah 19:00 (9x5) no bands!
Sarah 11:02 (2-thin)
Melanie 11:04 (2-thin)

Steven 6:42
James 15:28 (9x5)
Julie 16:27 (1-thin, 9x5)
Robin 16:03 (blue, 9x5)
Noelle 14:39 (green, 9x5)
Candice 16:26 (green, 9x5, 25lb)
Terence ?? 20+


Ray 15:31 (Men: class record!)
Adrienne 16:11 (Women: class record!)
Kevin 17:09
Jud 17:40
Leslie 22:04

50KB – 30PP:
Rob 19:03

Steven 13:43
Sarah 17:18
Elizabeth 18:52
Vivek 25:16

Joel 9:36
Che 23:51

Jerry Hill said...

Vinnie, Pro 7:09!

Lauris said...

I did Ashley today-
35 lbs KB
20 lbs DB PP

What a smoker! I miss you guys!

Adrienne said...

Incredible showing from both Mike and Lauris!
I am continually humbled by the incredible talent shown by all of the people at Crossfit Old Town.

By the way.. when did either Ashley or Fran involve double dutch?

Tom Brose said...

Nice work all! I hope you all have something to show me Friday AM!?!?!? It's your last day of a long week...so ya have to bust it out!

Mike M said...

Flattering photo, thanks Ray, for capturing the "agony of victory!"

Raymond said...

Mike, it's a great photo of someone we all aspire to be. Sub-5 Fran is edging into Crossfit stardom and will set the bar for C.O.T. for a long time.

When I grow up I wanna be just like Mike.