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Monday, March 17, 2008


Crazy Night...

From 9:30pm - 2:30am I had the chills and a red hot fever - slept in my CrossFit hoodie (hood up) and every blanket and comforter I could find - Between the hours of 12:30 - 1:30 I went to another dimension - It felt like someone had slipped me Peyote and then put me into a sweat lodge, not that I've experienced either ;-) - I slept for a minute and woke up, slept for a minute and woke up...after about an hour of this I was flat out delusional - Somewhere between 2:30-3:30 the fever broke, I woke up in a puddle of sweat; I was happy but hung-over from the ordeal...

Fortunately, I knew Andrea was coming in to coach this morning - I called her around 5:15 to check in and of course she was more then willing to coach all classes.

And how appropriate to have her head the morning classes as Handstands and Deadlifts were in the Workout; 2 movements Andrea is well versed at coaching!

Quite frankly her handstand coaching is unparalleled - I got her post workout report and heard there were many new handstand and handstand pushup successes.

Her understanding of the deadlift is equally impressive. She has worked hard to master the deadlift in her own personal practice and like many great coaches turned it into a coaching strength - Again her post workout report sounded like we had a few more breakthroughs in performance!

So congrat's to all on a killer effort!

From all those in attendance today and triple that from me;
Thank You Andrea!

AMRAP in 20 Min
5 Handstand pushups
10 Deadlifts
15 Jumping Slamball


Wes said...

Hope you feel better Jerry! Andrea, thanks for the great handstand instruction -- got my first on-the-mat handstand.

keturah said...

Jerry, we missed you today. Please hurry up and get better. Don't let us have to bring the workout in front of your door step and wake up the neighbors :)

Andrea, great job today girl. I am finally getting the handstand together. My next goal is the hand stand shrug. Blake got his first handstand and then the shrug...you know I was jealous because if Blake could do it, I can. I limited myself on the deadlift at 105lb for the circuit because my Royal A double S was so sore from Saturday's workout, I had to plug in the heating pad for it. It's all worth the pain.

Superb Job Andrea!

Cara said...

Thanks for great coaching Andrea - I know all that's holding me back from the handstand is a mental block, and I know I'll be able to push through it!!

Feel better Jerry! Don't push yourself - just come back when you can! We miss you, but we have some awesome people here to lead us through until you're feeling better!

Katie said...

Jerry, the bubonic plague sucks. Take your time and heal up before you come back to see us. :) We miss you but I'm sure Andrea won't mind kicking our behinds for a few days. :)