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Friday, November 30, 2007

Farmers Walk

"That was deceptively Difficult"
- Sarah

"We should do these evey day!"
- Vivek

These were a few comments I heard (others are unprintable) after our finisher of 400 meter Farmers Walk today.

My goal was to challenge you with a weight you could barely make it around without dropping...you will scale up or down on your next trip.

Why farmers walk?
Let me count the benefits...

Ahh but first I'll give some GPP (General Physical Prepardness) History.

At the Heart of it...our workouts increase your GPP, also known as work capacity. If I can increase your work capacity over broad and general domains then you'll be able to handle any physical task that is thrown your way...This IS the standard of Fitness. Terrorist hunters, athletes, parents, grandparents all need a certain level of functional capacity to live and move as they desire...some are happy to manage physical tasks others have a desire to dominate them.

There are other ways to increase work capacity besides our Main WOD (Workout Of the Day)...it's called Extra Work. It can take the form of a very short but tough circuit like Tabata squats, a mild paced TGU session, our classic Callisthenic warm-up, farmers walk, skill training, and more...

If you'll allow me the slack to be a bit corny and festive, (remember, I am the Dad of a 3 and 5 year old), I'll say our Main WOD is Santa delivering the goods, and our Extra Work Santa's helper...

Enough for now...GPP is yet another subject I could talk and write pages upon pages on...

SO what about our Farmers Walk?
Post your thoughts...

OH...and anyone want to join Vivek in doing them everyday after class?


Steven is Dialed in, he took the heavier challenge Today!
Look how high those elbows are!
Any questions about Elizabeth's Pushup Depth?
Vin was 5-5 this week, Welcome back buddy!
A "Danny-up"?

Look for proper Front squat Rack Position, (bar on outstretched shoulders and elbows high) in our Flickr SlideShow

1. Classic Cal's

2. 30sec of work: 15 Sec of Rest, clock never stops
Wall Ball
Kettlebell Swing
3 rounds
Score total reps

3. Main WOD
9 Chins
9 Front Squats
9 Squat Thrusts
9 PRO Pushups
5 rounds for time

Front Sq Load
Pro: 65lb W - 95lb M
Pack: 55lb W - 75lb M

4. 400 Meter farmers Walk
Score weight and total drops


Cara said...

Damn - whenever I have a circuit with chins I go super-slowly. Need to build back up my strength!

I don't know about the Farmer's Walk every day, but I think maybe every week? It was literally painful near the end, but I guess awesome for working the grip?

georgia said...

Considering I could barley hold my sweatshirt after farmer's walk, yeah, adding it in is probably a good idea. Seriously though, I couldn't move my fingers without cramping afterwards.

Ps - lovin the longer posts...write on! : )

georgia said...

Barely, not barley...typing on the sidekick is a stinker

Adrienne said...

I want to thank Steven! Without his companionship, I would have either put those suckers down or done a speed walk around the building. We had a leisurely conversation while he was carrying an extra 70lbs and I was carrying an extra 50lbs. The chat kept my mind off of the excruciating burn in my delts that was creeping down to my forarms.
A good team!

Jerry Hill said...

Georgia, thanks for the positive feedback...sorry about the grip, that's what no drops will get you!

Cara, every day (m,w,f) would be too much for some...the cool thing would be to gather small groups with the same needs to get 'extra work' in together...I see that already with the muscle-up crew!

Extra work can improve work capacity AND specific weaknesses.

Farmers walk is no doubt a killer for the grip but also excellent GPP for the core as we re-enforce proper postural alignment...remember to "Walk Tall". Walking briskly is fine also as the impact of a simple weighted foot strike has a positive effect...of course leave it to Steven and Adrienne (2 of our more psychotic psycho’s) to torture them selves with a Slooow walk...

Elizabeth said...

I definitely would've liked a walking buddy but singing 12 days of Christmas helped to take my mind off the burn! :) I'm in for the "Muscle-up farmers walking club" - can we make t-shirts?

Mike, great job today! You were flying!

Mike M said...

Thanks Elizabeth, I had to make up for snoozing on you guys yesterday!

I love the Farmer's Walk, and the sandbag carry for GPP!

Jerry Hill said...

Mike, that was an absolutly insane pace you kept today...And the finishing farmers walk was an instant Hall of Famer...