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Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Silent Storm’s Secret Weapon

Army Ranger, Secret Service, CrossFit Fire breather, and your Old Town teammate tells all…

Mike is a regularly a top performer in our WOD, but when he put in a blistering paced effort beyond even his norm on Friday it had a few of us talking in wonder the next morning.

Well sure enough, in walks the Silent Storm on Saturday and puts in what could simply be the most amazing effort we have ever witnessed in one of our workouts. His final output was full 5 minutes faster than anyone else, and this was a Medium Length (20 minute) circuit, not an epic like “Murph”.

Now I realize a lot of you are going to shut off the instant I tell you what he revealed to us; I urge you to read on, ask questions, open your mind to the possibilities, and even simplicity. In fact, Mike sent me a testimonial only last week…after the last few days he might want to update it, but I’ll certainly post it anyway!

So here it is; Mike’s secret? The Zone. Yep, Mike told me he was going to “Dial in” for a hardcore, no cheating, and full on by the books 40-30-30 right after Thanksgiving. His level of energy and performance over the last 2-days has astounded even him and this is a man who has been a competitor at high levels his entire life. Now Mike wasn’t eating Pizza, Fries, and Cake prior to this…no his food intake was pretty darn clean…but now it’s Rocket Fuel! Can you imagine how the Zone can impact someone who really needs some cleaning up?!?

Prior to his Zone experience Mike would have said ‘Hogwash’, how can food intake make this much of an impact? Today, it’s a whole different story.

Mike is quick to give a lot of credit to his regular workout team here at CrossFit Old town. Our environment and our programming have helped him push his fitness to a whole new level…his commitment to go all the way with the Zone is an amazing stamp of approval…are you ready?

Mike’s Testimonial in his own words...

Warmup ARMAP in 6 minutes:
3 Chin
6 Pushup
9 Squat
12 Situp

WOD: Once through for time
1,000 meter row
45 rep Barbell Thrusters (65m - 45w)
40 rep Kettlebell high pull (72m - 52w)
35 rep Dumbbell push press (30m - 20w)
30 rep Chinup

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