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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Frantic" Version 2.0

Thanks to Chriss and Ray we have insane action photos from 0645 and 0730
Women 20lb DB Thruster
Men 30lb DB thruster
Scale UP if possible
Interval One:
500 meter Row
15 Thrusters
15 Chinups
Interval two:
500 - 12 -12
Interval three:
500 - 9 - 9
Interval four:
500 - 6 - 6

"Frantic" is an instant classic
The effort and intensity over the last 2 days have been Awesome!
Muscle-up Note:
Elizabeth got through the transition and on top of the rings this morning! She missed the dip portion. In the pictures you can see how strong her false grip is, now it's extra work on ring dips and WATCH OUT!


Adrienne said...

Several comments about this one...
First... Did Elizabeth get her first muscleup!???!!!

Second... You know it's a good workout when our good looking Crossfit Old Town group looks SO BAD!!!

Third... Notice all the bumps, bruises, cuts, tape and bandaids. You know we're working hard.

John Frazer said...

I vote Chriss and Ray for official photographers of CF Old Town.

Lauris said...

I missed the whole interval concept on this one!

I did it straight through with no breaks in 21:59 (I had to break up some of the sets of thrusters though), and did 65 lb BB thrusters.

This was a great workout, I can't wait to do some more of the rowing workouts when I get back...one week from today!!