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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

We hit our benchmark Workout "Cindy" today
Plenty of Personal records, congrats!
Most improved goes to Noelle who added 4 rounds plus moved to a lighter band!


Mike M said...

I knew those pyscho's would go with the vest, I hit 16.0 at +20!

How's this for a garage gym Crossfitter motto? "Discipline is what you do when no one's watching."

Thank a Vet today! And a belated happy birthday to the Marine's out there.

jack said...

damn mike...well done! the pushups killed me today!

nice work noelle and everyone else...i love to see the fight everyone is putting out.

i had an old football coach who reminded us every day that we were either going to get better or worse today - staying the same wasn't possible. showing up is just a start to getting better. the consistent effort and teamwork in the class makes each of us better.

keep it up!!!