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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ray and Rick are 2 original CrossFit Challenge members in their final days...
Ray is heading to Ft. Drum for active duty
Rick back home to Texas and his new venture;
Alamo CrossFit
Both are an integral part of the character, integrity, intensity, camaraderie, and community that is CrossFit Old Town. It has been an honor to have you both a part of our program. We are grateful for your leadership and constant commitment to excellence. Now go forth and spread the insanity!
0600 Mash-up
AMRAP in 8 minutes
5 Chins
5 "pro" pushups
Tabata Squat
AMRAP in 6 minutes
10 Kettlebell High pull
15 Situps
Dumbbell Thruster test
Kettlebell Swing Test
Tabata Push Press
0645 Barbell
Press x 3 rep
Push Press x 3 rep
Push Jerk x 3 rep


Raymond said...

Rick is a consistently positive mentor for Crossfitter's and athletes of all levels and abilities. He's always been enthusiastic about fitness and always strives to push himself and his peers to achieve just a little bit more. It's been fun working with him, and I look forward to Alamo Crossfit's grand opening in the near future. Drop us a line and let us know when you host your first cert!

Jen said...

Hey Guys, good luck and drop me a line to let me know how your doing.

John Frazer said...


Good luck at Ft. Drum -- my mother's from Cape Vincent just up the road. Nice time of year to be heading up there ...


Adrienne said...

I've been in pain recently.. thus leading me to take off today. I went in search of some explanations for my soreness of late.. check this out for some good advice: http://www.crossfit.com/journal/#3116