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Friday, November 16, 2007

"The Ray"

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded with a team of genuine characters here at CrossFit OldTown. I love that we wear who we are on our sleeve, right out in the open for all to see...no hidden agenda, no pretense...genuine.


I'm Pretty sure we set some kind of CrossFit Record for pictures in one workout

Ray, Keturah, and Jack got some killer in action photos



Adrienne said...

Holy pictures!
Holy workout!
Sad I missed it.
Cheers to all who finished!

Sam L said...

Awesome Stuff!

Jerry- How can an old friend from Philly get himself a "Rest Later" T-shirt??!!

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Sam!

You know the answer brother...
Come visit!

Raymond said...

An awesome workout for an amazing group of people. I had a huge amount of fun doing this workout. There were so many good pictures because everyone poured their heart into this one. The faces alone tell the story. I'll miss all of you guys beyond words. I'm going to stay active on the blog and boards. Before anyone asks of course I'll come visit!


Elizabeth said...

Ray, sorry I missed your last workout. You've been an inspiring teammate and coach, and you'll certainly be missed! Good luck to you.