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Monday, November 26, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

Damn the Stuffing, Gravy, and Pies!
Full Speed Ahead!

FlickR SlideShow

JJ x :30
Sq thrust x :30
3 rounds
Score total Sq thrust
SS x :30
Lateral barrier jump x :30
3 rounds
Score total barrier jumps
Dumbbell snatch left x :30
Dumbbell snatch right x :30
Full Squat jumps x :30
Pushups x :30
3 rounds
Score total reps
AMRAP in 15 minutes
8 Chins
10 Overhead squats
12 Box Jumps
Pro 55W - 75M
Pack 45W - 65M
Porch 35W - 55M
Tabata Situps


Final Output


Cara said...

Wow, that was a killer day. However - I was on the thin band, not the pink band!! :-D

Adrienne said...

Jerry love the new blog look, as well as the write up at top! Nice.