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Friday, September 21, 2007

We had lots of Personal Records today!
Congrat's to everyone who pushed to a whole new level this morning!
Records that always go on the White board are unassisted full chins for Women and 20+ Chins for men; today we had a few new members to that club!
In fact, there seems to be a new level developing; 10+ Chins for Women and 30+ for men!
Julie records her first pullup then bangs out 4!
Vivek joins the club with 22!
Matt joins the club with 21!
Rob hits 29! (missed 30 by a whisker)
Leslie hits double digits with 16!
Andrea with 14!
Chriss, Curt, and Joel top out at 31!
Mike hits a strong 33!
Dozen's of other Personal records including members moving to lighter bands...
Again, Great Effort!

1. Test: Max Pullups, 1 shot
2. WOD #1
As Many rounds as you can in 10 Minutes:
8 Turkish Get-ups
8 Perfect Pushups
3. WOD #3
"Running WallBall"
3 rounds for Time
50 WallBall Shots
Run 400 yards
3 rounds for Time
35 WallBall Shots
Run 400 yards


Jerry Hill said...

Leslie 16
Andrea S 14
Julie 4
Karen 17 thin
Melanie 6 thin
Sarah 5 thin
Robin 6 pink
Cara 10 blue
Noelle 14 green
Andrea T green

Mike 33
Joel 31
Chriss 31
Curt 31
Rob 29
Jack 27
Vinnie 25
Vikek 22
Matt 21
Kevin 15
James 11
Jud 1

Jerry Hill said...

Mike 10:28
Jack 12:33
Chriss 13:00
Kevin 13:25
Sarah 13:50
Joel 14:03
Vinnie 14:29
Rob 15:24
Matt 15:56
Andrea S 17:43

Karen 11:35
Leslie 11:35
Vivek 12:44
James 13:30
Julie 13:50
Cara 14:38
Noelle 14:41
Melanie 14:53
Robin 15:09
Curt ?

20 Wall ball and 2 rounds
(First week)
Andrea T 15:24

Jen said...

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.”

I was in awe of all of you this Am!
Nice Work!

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You have got to set your self on fire for it.


Jerry Hill said...

Once again I forgot my manners...

Thanks Jen for coaching the TGU!
Also, thanks for helping in the all important transition between our indoor circuit and outdoor run!

The fun wouldnt have happened without you!

jack said...
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jack said...

after going for the max pullups i have just one suggestion- no false grip on the bar! it can lead to very ugly results...not the least being slipping off the bar and going airborne!
nice work all!