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Thursday, September 13, 2007

So Close...
Flex those wrist's HARD and turn them IN toward you!
Keep that false grip while in the same position and you will be through the transition and ready to Muscle-up!

What a great morning it was here in Old Town Alexandria!

We introduced Deadlift Mechanics at 0600; excellent work!

I could argue pretty hard that the deadlift is the most important exercise you'll ever learn...use your new found strength and power wisely CrossFitters...

At 0645 we let em' grip and rip a Heavy triple...

Guess what happened?

More Personal records!


Jerry Hill said...

Noelle, Che, Laura, and Katie dialed in on form work with multiple sets of 85lb x 5 reps

James dialed in on form work.

Rick and Steve dialed in on form work with 135x5

Robin 140x3
Cara 150x3
Sarah 160x3
Adrienne 165x3 (175x3 touch & go)
Kevin 275x3
Mike 375x3
Jud 385x3

Cara said...

Only 25lb more to go until I DL my bodyweight! Now if only I can keep my alignment....