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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Outside at Zero-Dark-Thirty with the 0600 Crew...
Guess who's back?
Andrea T in only her second week takes the fight outside with some slammers, run, repeat...
The pavement was heating up by 0730!

For Total time:
22 Wall Ball
22 Kettlebell Swing
22 Jumping Lunge
Run 400 yards
16's of each
Run 400 yards
10's of each
Run 400 yards
10 Slamball
10 Kettlebell High Pull
10 Squat jump
Run 400 yards
16's of each
Run 400 yards
22's of each
Run 400 yards
Jack smoked a 19:49
Leslie smoked a 20:22 and ran an extra lap!


Jerry Hill said...

Jack 19:49
Leslie 20:22
Rob 20:34
Kevin 20:53
Mike 21:02
Joel 21:26
Karen 23:04
Elizabeth 23:56
Adrienne 24:05
Matt 24:21
Vivek 24:34
Steven 24:37
Ray 25:36
Sarah 26:43
Elise 26:43
Judson 27:24
Julie 28:29
Terrance 30:43
Cara 31:41
James 31:53
Robin 32:14
Noelle 32:53
Keturah 35:00
Blake (scaled 30:36)
Andrea T (scaled 32:07)

Leslie said...

I'm just tickled to see how well some of you have come along on your running! Keep up the good work!

Welcome back Blake - we've missed you!

Ewan said...

Hey its Elise - I don't use gmail but Ewan does so I will sign in as him (don't tell him I still know his password) Wanted to just say that Leslie did not just run one extra lap - she a ran a bunch , it was awesome to watch her motivate people. Karen also ran some extra laps to help people along, It was AWESOME!

keturah said...

You must love Crossfit to keep up with such intense workout right before Fight Gone Bad. It really is amazing.

My asthma prevents me from keeping up sometimes, but to Leslie and Karen, thank you for being my extra lungs on the running. It was great to have you guys there running with me and telling me how to breath when running. I really like you guys, but I can't focus on breathing, running, and having a conversation all at the same time. Thanks again guys and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AT FGB.