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Friday, September 14, 2007

As filthy as you want...

Today was Eugene's last day for a few months...
Shakespeare expressed our thoughts and wishes best my friend:
"Hercules be thy speed!"

Thanks to CrossFit Coach Jen Conlin who came in to help today!

"Friday's Filthy Fifty"

50 Box jump, 20-26 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, (55lbs – 35lb)
Jumping Lunge, 50 jumps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press
50 KB High Pull OR (Superman)
50 Slamballs 15lbs
50 Burpees
50 Tuck Jumps

Sub 40's and Situps for K-2-E

Sub 30's and Situps for K-2-E

With Jen in we got over 100 action photo's!

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Jerry Hill said...

"Fridays Filthy Fifty"

20lb DB PP
Elizabeth 28:14
Leslie 28:27
Adrienne 28:40
Andrea 32:02 (Superman)
Sarah 30:50 (15lb DB)
Elise 34:05 (15lb DB)

30lb DB PP
Ray 28:58 (Superman)
Mike 30:00
Joel 30:25
Rick 31:15
Eugene 33:58
Joe 43:14
Kevin 29:00 (20lb PP) (Superman)
Steven 23:56(45kb, 25pp)

Melanie 24:36
Julie 29:02
Keturah 32:00
Robin 33:28
Katie 38:49
Noelle 29:04 (26kb)

James 34:31 (36kb, 15pp)
Magoo 43:17

Cara 23:11 (Superman)
Candice 23:38 (Superman)
Andrea D’ (first workout!)

Jen said...

Oops! Sorry about going trigger happy! Just so much good stuff going on! I'll try to keep myself in check next time!

Jerry Hill said...

It's a good thing!
Especially at 0600; We have a much bigger group at that time so I get in full coach mode and miss out on some action photo's!
I love the pics from the ground and through the Kettlebell...creative and fun!

Cara said...

Next time I'm going for Pack!

Lauris said...

I did the pro workout, with 45 lb BB PP and the KB high pull instead of supermans, and I had to do wall ball shots instead of slam ball cause the medicine balls here were too bouncy.

My time was 36:02...did you guys do all 50 reps of each exercise at one time, then move to the next, or sets of 10 of each etc? I did 50 straight box jumps, then for the rest did two exercises at a time...for ex 10 jumping pulls, 15 KB swings, 10 jumping pull ups, 15 KB swings etc. I was doing OK until I hit the burpees and tuck jumps together...I think those two took me 8 minutes.

Lauris said...

ahhhh...I just checked out the photos and I saw the rope you used for the jumping pull ups...I think what took me so much longer was the pullups, I used a straight bar that was a few inches above my arms, so I had to jump pretty high and do a complete pull up for each one...that put a hurt on me early!

Jen said...

Lauris, Yes we did 50 reps of each with out breaking them up. Nice job! where are you anyhow?

Mike M said...

Lauris, Strong effort as always! It's great to see you posting your results. You are setting the example for all vacationing, TDY, or otherwise out-of-town Crossfitters. No excuses! Keep up the great work, but don't embarass those paratroopers too bad!

Jerry Hill said...

Jack 30:11

Jack and Elizabeth took a KB, Med Ball, and 2 DB's home so Matt could hit his favorite workout!
Please report in with results...

Lauris, I echo Mike's and Adrienne's statements: Strong work and outstanding example!

Cara, you are hungry...that's good...you'll tear up your next workout full-throttle!

Kathryn said...

I agree with Jerry, Jen! The pics are really creative! You just have this knack for getting me with the most interesting facial expressions.... :)overall though it was truly a great workout. Only problem was that I couldn't do a dumbell thruster today to save my life after those walking lunges! Perhaps I'll re-think doing back to back days of Crossfit again! :P

Matt said...


Thanks a lot for giving the weights to Jack and Elizabeth so I can tear up my favorite workout! I ended up finishing a little over 30 minutes. I did the workout at a park close to where we live. It was tough mainly because the playground didn't really have pullup bars for 23 year olds. I definitely could have finished a little earlier however I forgot to bring water,and I ended up being like survivorman trying to get water anyway I could from the rain!:) See you monday