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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CrossFit Challenge in Old Town Alexandria taking it to the "Lot"...
A perfect morning for some running outside...
Of course we brought a few toys also...

Karen and Leslie were on fire at 0600

Kevin burned through at 0645

Terrance felt the pain and persevered at 0730

Flickr slideshow of the outdoor madness

5 Rounds for time:
Run 1 lap around our building (.22 miles)
Kettlebell Swings x 30
Slamball x 30


Jerry Hill said...

Kevin 18:14, 45lb kb
Mike 18:19, 55kb
Rick 19:15 35kb
Joel 19:40, 50kb
Rob 20:01, 35kb
Adrienne 21:12, 35kb
Karen 23:09, 35kb
Leslie 23:33, 35kb
Melanie 24:02, 35kb
Matt 24:45, 50kb
Elise 24:51, 35kb
Sarah 25:51, 35kb
Joe 25:51, 55kb
Vinnie 26:02, 55kb
Jud 27:00, 55kb
Terrance 28:28, 35kb

MOD/5 rounds/25reps
Vivek 22:00, 45kb
Julie 25:51, 35kb

PACK/4rounds 30 reps
Elizabeth 19:40, 26kb
Cara 23:16, 26kb
Noelle 23:53 26kb

PACK/4rounds 25 reps
James 21:36, 45kb
Keturah 28:55, 35kb

MOD/4rounds 20 reps
Robin 21:00

Andrea D’ 16:35 8kilo kb

Jerry Hill said...

I can't believe I forgot this in my original post...

Matt did 6 rounds in 30:20!

He finished 5r and took off running for his 6th...it was too late to stop him ;-)

When he came back from his run he said; "Am I finished?"

Of course, the correct answer is; "You were finished...but now that you've started the 6th..."

The psycho went for it!

He finished all 6 rounds, Awesome effort Matt!

keturah said...

Good work everyone. Rule #1 for those of us who drive to crossfit. If you are one-second late, take your time or else you will lock your keys in your car. Thanks to Vivek, Leslie, and Robin for using their crossfit strength to help me out. REMEMBER: As much as you don't want to miss crossfit you also do not want to lock your keys in your car. Thanks again people, and keep up the strength.

Cara said...

Awww - Keturah! I'm glad you were able to get into your car.

On another note - I think it was more mental than physical that held me back from doing 5 rounds. Thinking back on it - I would have had a terrible time, but I think I could have banged out all 5. Ah well, next time!

Adrienne said...

That's a great story about Matt! It proves something that I keep in my thoughts through particularly nasty workouts. You can always do more!!

This 6 am pictures are wonderful! Pain in the pitch black.

Adrienne said...

I want to amend my previous statement.. It is possible to do too much. How about.. You can always do more than you think you can?

Sam L said...

Good Stuff Jerry!

Lauris said...

I did a modified version on this workout, but I like the quarter mile repeats so I did:
5 rounds
run 400 m (on a track)
20 pushups
20 bottom to top squats
10 pushups
10 b to t squats
time: 24:48

In the rain! It was so much nicer than the heat and humidity. I also ran 1.5 miles before and after the workout, to get to the track and to get back.