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Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Technical ability is the capacity to execute a movement efficiently—completing the movement while using the least possible energy. As such, it can also be defined as the ability to demonstrate the strength available to complete a given athletic task, since in its absence even great strength cannot be displayed in that movement."
- Mark Rippetoe, Sept 2007 CrossFit Journal

1. As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes:
12 Slamball
12 Situps
6 Pullups
6 Pushups

2. Scaled Challenge

We found Individual baseline work capacity for 3 different movements (45 seconds each) and then went head-to-head!

5 rounds for time
(based on individual work capacity test)
Kettlebell Sumo High Pull
Barbell Push press
Box Jump

Team Barbell: 0645

Flickr Slideshow of the action at 0645

5 rep Max Push Press

Then 1 Heavier single

Finish with the complex :

Muscle Snatch

Overhead Squat

Snatch Balance

Sots Press


Jerry Hill said...

Katie 12:43
Che 13:00
Joe 13:32
Rick 15:40
Adam 17:46

Cara 60x5, 65x1
Sarah 65x5, 67x1
Melanie 75x5, 79x1
Adrienne 85x5, 87x1
Keturah 87x5
Jenn 95x4
Mike 165x5
Vinnie 175x5, 185x1
Jud 175x5, 185x1

Cara said...

Are we going to continue practicing the overhead squat in the Tues/Thurs class? I hope so! I'm having a lot of trouble with it - I think it's flexibility though. So I'm hoping we get to practice it more!

Jerry Hill said...

I think it would be time well spent.

It's often a multiple issue;
Shoulder flexibility, Core Strength, overhead position of support strength, and of course hip flexibility.

Range of Motion issues become painfully compounded in the OHS.

Mike M said...

"painfully compounded," you can say that again! I resemble that remark. Great stuff though, snatch and OHS are such awesome exercises. Great coaching by you and Jen. Thanks!

Jen said...

Mike and Cara, Something that helped me get "better" at OHS are wall squats. Toes to the wall knees not touching the wall with hands Overhead. Then squat as low as you can without falling. I try to go a little deeper each time. It's good to do these as a warm up and on your off days. Also, Superman's. Lay on the ground with your arms out in front of you and lift your legs and upper body off the floor. Also a good warm up or off day activity.
It's great to coach you guys. I've learned more than I can tell you!

Cara said...

Yeah - I think it's the hip flexibility that's my greatest problem with squats in general. I'll be practicing the wall squats - thanks Jen!

Lauris said...

I did this workout on Friday:

Lauris: 90 x 5, 95 x 1