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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The most important thing you can do?

I love hard-hitting, take-action information!
I'm asking top CrossFit Coaches this question;

“If your athletes life depended on getting in top-shape in record time what would be the most important thing you would do?”

A lot more Pullup records today, Congrat's!
Shout em' out in the comment section and enter them in our logbook!

I have been playing around with different work to rest ratio's today we tested 30 second of work to 15 seconds of rest
Gotta Give Props to Leslie and Pat who doned weight Vest's for this Workout!
Extra Kudo's to our CrossFit Old Town Women who stepped up and used the 52lb Kettlbell today! Che, Cara, Stacey, Elizabeth, Andrea T...WOW!

This is a "sell out" Track total reps
30:15 x 5 rounds then rotate to the next movement
Turkish Get-ups
Situp Wallball
Kettlebell Highpull
Jumping Ring Dips
Flying Arm-bars


Cara said...

Ack! You told me to name it "Capital VD".

I'll go change it so I show up!

Jerry Hill said...

Oh now that's funny Cara!

Mike M said...

Jerry, I didn't "sack up" and do 'Fran' today per the main site, my compromise was to finally give 'Bullfit' a go today, it's definitely got "Fran-like" effect! 95# BBT x 75 in 7:25, the last 20 were rough! (Didn't Stacey do it in like 4:13, that's sick!)

Jerry Hill said...

BullFit is Brutal!
Stacey hit it in 5:55...still sick!
Nobody but her has cracked 7 minutes...7:25 at 95lbs is flyin'!

joelio said...

I think I did bullfit 95lbs x 75 in 8:30ish. I didn't enjoy it very much.

Mike M said...

I'm glad to hear it was 5:55, I can see that, 4:13 is sub-human! I was anything but flyin' after rep 55. My shoulders are killing me today!