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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Max Pullups, Strict Press x 5, Circuit

Workout of The Day:

1. Max Pullups

2. 5 rep Max in the Strict Press

3. Circuit
40 Seconds of work: 20 Sec Of Rest On Each Movement
Score the Least amount of reps on Each Movement for any given Interval
5 Rounds:
High Hang Power Cleans
Jumping Slamball


Adrienne said...

Jerry, still no luck I made my comments public and still I have nothing.

Jerry Hill said...

It looks like you entered the pullups under CrossFit Old Town Custom.

Go back and look at the email...

Next to [1} Select Activity scroll through until you find Standard bodyweight

Then go to [2} and under Bodyweight Workout scroll through until you find pull-ups.

Under reps enter the Max reps you hit today….remember to click save!

Make sense?

Adrienne said...

THANK YOU!!!! I got it!