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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Deadlifts, Ring Work, Jumping Slamball, Flying Arm Bars and More

Excellent work today dialing in on Deadlift Form!
I'd like to go a bit more in depth on form and include some quality pictures.
When I upload pictures to Google Blogger the quality gets distorted so I'll have this discussion on my Fitness Blog.


I loved our starting circuit today!

It gave everyone an opportunity to work on some upper body strength with Ring Dips, some auxiliary core and grip strength with "Flying Arm Bars" while more specific coaching was happening with the ultimate movement for mid-line stabilization; Deadlifts!

I thought the "Flying Arm Bars" were fun and functional!
Credit for this movement goes to my buddy Jason Brown over at;

How did the "Flying Arm Bars" work out for You?

How about the rings?

Are you starting to get a better feel of how close you need to keep the rings in order to properly support yourself?

Elizabeth has had good success working Ring Dips with the band, this is an option if you want to experiment with them.

Starting Strength Circuit
5 Rounds:
80% of 1 rep Maximum in the Deadlift x 5 reps
Ring Dips x 5 reps
Flying Arm Bars x 10 reps

How great is it that I suggest a new twist to traditional Slamball and you psycho's run with it...
...or actually JUMP with it!

Conditioning Circuit
4 Rounds for time:
30 Jumping Pullups using a Rope
25 Situps
20 Kettlebell Swings
15 Jumping Slamballs

...A good little gasser after the Strength work!


Cara said...

I'd like to try ring dips with a band to build up strength!

The flying arm bars were hard but fun!

georgia said...

Weeee! Those reminded me of all those "dangerous" tricks we did as kids on the swingset. :)

I'm with Cara on wanting to incorporate ring dips with the band. Neat idea ;)

Jerry Hill said...

We'll break out some bands for dips and keep the flying arm bars in the movement rotation.