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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Big Three?

I made another blog post on our CFOT community website, I'm not sure if I'll continue there though. The Blog Editor features are a bit cumbersome and Google blogger is so easy!

I think Wes can work his magic and make this blogger blog appear on our CFOT website and also integrate some cool teaser headlines on the main page of our community site.

My goal is to keep everything integrated on one website; Logs-it-all stats, Forum, Blog, and more community features. This way if you are someone who usually only checks the blog not the forum then you'll at least have the opportunity to click on our community website and browse some headlines and news before clicking through to the blog.

I hope to have things ironed out on Monday!

The Big 3...
What would you chose?
(Pick one from each)
1. Monostructural (Cardio)
2. Olympic lifts/ hybrids
3. Gymnastics/bodyweight movements

My Thoughts:
1. In a perfect World I love the 400 meter sprint
But with our set-up and all things in consideration more people will get more bang for their buck with the concept2 rower...

2. Squat clean, squat snatch...KILLER!
However, taking into consideration all skill levels and the desire to produce the big bang for your buck movement...the barbell thruster rules supreme

3. Muscle-up, hspu, burpees...
I'll take the plain old Pullup
Power and strength in all the right places...
Give me an athlete that's proficient in the pullup and watch the places we'll go!
What would you pick?


Wes said...
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Wes said...
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Wes said...


Mike M said...

So Jerry, did you develop the "Frantic" workout based on your Big 3? It had all three of the elements you listed and was a real ass kicker! Fran with rowing added in, evil genius or just plain mean?

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Mike,
Funny that you sent me an email about Frantic and we hit something similar today!

Today was a forced pace:
1 minute at each station with 15 seconds for transition, non-stop clock x 4 rounds

row (calories)
bb thruster (35w-65m)

we had another brutal week so I kept it at 4 rounds, great intensity across the board!