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Friday, February 1, 2008

CrossFit Workout: Tabata Fight Gone Bad

Here in The Blue Room in Old Town Alexandria it's been one heck of a training week...
...today we put up another monster effort in a Killer Friday Workout!

It was great to see so many of you Challenge Yourself in this Workout
Our Core and Overhead Strength has gone through the Roof...
...I gotta think it's all of that Handstand practice!

Turkish Get-ups


The Final OutPut is a New Data Base I'm Testing
There are a lot of functions I've yet to figure out but need to start entering Data to get a better understanding. How is that for a Warning of how Raw this Data is!


georgia said...

Thanks for letting me rotate with you Andrea. It was awesome to try to keep up with you...one day...one day...

Have fun in Vegas you guys!

Jerry Hill said...

It was great to see you hit the 55lb push press! The rowing was real strong also...remember that same strong leg drive and back position on the high pulls, very similar movements.

che said...

I'm dreaming crossfit again. I've had at least 3 dreams this week.

Jerry Hill said...

Che, you're livin' the dream!

Great to see you in so often and hitting the workouts hard!