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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pictures: You gotta be kidding me part 2

She has been so close and today Sarah got her first pullup!
She gave out a few high fives, smiled a whole lot, shook out her arms, jumped back on the bar and got 2 in a row!

Steven put together some solid handstands today!

Betsy and Kevin dialed in on some overhead strength!

Terence continues his progression!

Andrea hit 45 Handstand Pushups over the course of the workout!

Andrienne continues to push through with some killer kettlebell work!

Chriss logs in another solid muscle-up as we honored one of our fallen Hero's in a workout named "Nate"

Mike put together multiple muscle-ups in a row with a smooth transition and blazing speed.
Mike also handled the 88lb Kettlebell for Swings!

Andrea T, and Stacy kept their core tight and shoulders strong while working their handstand!


keturah said...


georgia said...

Way to go, Sarah! 2 is going to be 22 soon :)

Adrienne said...

AWESOME Sarah! Congratulations!

Cara said...

Congrats Sarah! It finally all came together for you!!!