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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Raining Pain

Cara does a great job keeping her elbows in and creating a frame to drive her core through

The Strict Press is a nice example of how tight you need to flex your abs, legs, glutes; everything!
...in order to stabilize your body to properly lift a load
Understanding and mastering this stabilization will have a HUGE carryover in everything else you do
Terence put together some excellent strict presses; there is a nice 3 picture sequence in the Flickr Slideshow...

We started our training with some skill work:
Hang Power Clean and Elbow whip!

The Workout was lightly attended this morning due to the freezing rain

(Although I rode my bike in with no problems...)

Those who made it quickly found it was raining pain in the Blue Room!

"Rain Pain"
5 rounds for time
12 repetitions Each
Kettlebell Swings
Jumping Slamball
Dumbbell Walking Lunge (12 steps each leg)
Strict Barbell Press

20lb - 25lb Dumbbells for Lunges
55lb - 75lb Barbell for Strict Press

Scale load as needed

This workout was SOLID; we might see it again!
It was a true test of our strict press form while under fatigue
I like how you held up under duress!


Tuesday Feb 12

We shot a few more members through our Bodyweight Baseline and a handful of others through a solid Strength Baseline Workout!

See the previous post for Bodyweight Baseline Output

News and Notes:
Katie set a New Women's 500 meter row record; 1:53!
Andrea T hit a 1:59
Georgia hit a 1:58
Jen hit a 1:56

Any other Personal Records I failed to mention?
Shout em' Out!

Our Strength Baseline workout was another great test...

Strength Baseline:
5 Rounds for time:
6 Ring Dips
9 Deadlifts
12 High Box Jumps

Load for Deadlifts:
Pro: W=155lb, M=225lb
Pack: W=125, M=185
Porch: W=100, M=145

Box Jumps:
W= 26 inch, M=33 inch

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