LogsItAll Rankings

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cannon, Chute Fighter, Wall Alarm

I'm Experimenting with our New Data Base
These rankings are in Real Time and will continually update as members input their data

We could have 15 entries for Cannon
8 entries for Chute Fighter
5 entries for Wall Alarm

I'll continue to add pictures, content, and details of the workout to our blog throughout the day

In Action Photo's of our Workout


georgia said...
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georgia said...

This database is Ba-Toot! I've still got 8 months before I'm 28...Sheesh! LOL

MystrSmith said...

I love the new logsitall database. cant wait to get back to the gym and post some numbers. see ya Monday

Cara said...

Jerry - what is it with you putting down lower numbers than the rest of us? We know you can kick our asses!! :)

keturah said...

I did register in LogItAll, but I don't see the name of the activity I did today 'Chute Fighter'.

Cara said...

You have to type it in :)

Jerry Hill said...

Looks like you figured it out!

We will have to type in the custom workouts.

I put data in to test the system...

I don't know what the heck is up with the age thing! It has several people older than they are!

Looking forward to your return!

Cara said...

Yeah - Robin can't really be 40, can she?

Terence said...

Awesome database. I'd never keep track on my own. Great addition, Jerry.

Katie said...

Great stuff guys! Hope to see everyone again sometime soon.