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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Indoor Rowing Races

Concept2 has a whole series of satellite indoor rowing races around the U.S. all held on Saturday, February 2nd…and there is one right here in Alexandria, VA at TC Williams!

These races are open to everyone, no qualifying time needed (however, some participates will be competing to hit the qualifying time for the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston). I have heard it’s a really cool event with a lot of positive energy…athletes of all levels and ages compete to pull their best 2,000 meter effort.

Let’s form a team and enter!

Now believe you me, rowing 2k is not my idea of a “good time”, neither is running a 5k for a personal record. I prefer speed and power but we are only as fit as our weakest link! A hard 2k row is over with in 7-10 minutes, this will be some great CrossFit training! The race is far enough away to get some practice in but close enough to not over think it.

The official Alexandria Website

The 20 satellite location and other information

Rowing Technique

Are you ready for the Challenge?

Post your eagerness in comments…


Gar and Chip create momentum and elevation on the Dumbbells as they "jump and punch" to the overhead position of support.

Keturah shows us the unique angle of a snatch grip deadlift

Team TT 0600
1. Jumping Cal's; 4 minute GPP

2. AMRAP 6 min
DB OH lunge 5, 5
Pushup x 10

3. Stay Put; 30 sec of work, 15 sec rest x 4 rounds then rotate to next movement
Wall Ball
KB swing
Squat Jump
Score total reps in each movement

4. Tabata Mashup
DB Push Press x 20sec
rest 10 sec
Situp x 20sec
rest 10sec
8 rounds
Score lowest amount of reps in each movement over all 8 intervals


0645 Barbell power

Emphasis; "Elbow Whip"
Think Speed!

Partner up, you go partner goes
1. Load: 45W, 65M hpc x 10r x 3s

2. Load: 65W, 95M hpc x 5r x 3s

3. Load: 85W, 135M hpc x 3r x3s

4. Snatch grip Deadlft x heavy triple

5. Introduction to the Windmill!


Cara said...

Why not - I'd be interested in being on the rowing team! I once was able to row for a half hour straight, no breaks - 'course that was 7 years ago...

I'm sad I had to leave early and miss the Windmill! I hope we'll do it again - it looks like fun!

Adrienne said...

"I prefer speed and power but we are only as fit as our weakest link!" I think in the case of rowing this may be referring to me! I'm in to improve my technique and time...

keturah said...

Where there is a challenge, there is Keturah...Count me in!

che said...

I wanna row. Something to look forward to kinda. It'll wipe me out, but it should be fun.

georgia said...

Talk about an adventure...I'm in too.

steven rybicki said...

I'll definitely sign up for our rowing team.

chriss said...

What the heck, I love volunteering for things I suck at, sign me up,