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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tabata Squat test, some couplets, and more

Hey Team, I've started a Coaching Video Blog!
I'm inspired by our continued effort in class and aim to provide tips that will keep us progressing.

My goal is to trouble shoot some problem areas and form issues and have a documented video blog to reference.

I'll update it once a week or more often if something pops up in class.
Let me know if it helps and if you have specific needs that you'd like covered.
The first installment is on the Barbell thruster.

Here it is;

Laura Demo's the loading/receiving position of a Kettlebell Swing.
She has great spinal alignment and her hips are back ready to accept and redirect the force.

Things clicked for Marcia this morning on the push Press!
Team TT 0600

1. 5 minutes of TGU

2. Tabata squat

3. AMRAP in 6 min
10 Box Jump
15 Dumbbell push press

rest 3 min

4. AMRAP in 6 min
10 Pushups
15 Kettlebell swings

rest 3 min

5. AMRAP in 6 min
20 Jumping pullups
20 Situps

6. Plank work

0645 Team Barbell

Vinnie was on fire this morning; efficient Barbell snatch work and a strong deadlift!

1. Barbell snatch 5s x 3r; work up in small pound increases
Andrea hit 75lb x 3r
Vinnie 115 x 3r

2. Heavy single in the Deadlift

Cara hit a Personal record: 190!
Mike and Vin worked off of a 3 inch platform and hit 405 and 425 respectively

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Adrienne said...

What do we have to do to subscribe to the newsletter? Love the video.. the TGU throws in a nice flare at the end there!