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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Muscle ups!

I put together a special workout for our "Muscle up club". It was a nice opportunity to work this skill in a "doable" workout. Expect to see these special workouts pop up every couple of weeks in 2008, (and to get more difficult!). We have a solid core group that can perform multiple muscle-ups. I expect big things out of this crew; they are highly skilled athletes! (and very inspiring) I'll keep those rings hung in our 2nd room, lets keep at those progressions I've taught and see even more of you muscle-up!

Chriss smoked through this workout, 14:53, despite being up most the night with a "bug". Not caught on film is the multiple muscle-ups he did with a 20lb weight vest on! Chriss, this picture reveals the source of your occasional "muscle-thing" notice how you lost your false grip on the one hand.
Vinnie continued his streak of gutsy all out performances with his 17:15 effort!
I gotta get Vin to tell his transformation story...I remember those early days Vin, what a great year it's been my friend!

Joel hit his first 3 rounds with no breaks, he cruised through sets of 5 reps consecutively. Even more impressive was the fact that he did this WITHOUT the false grip! Do you know how strong you have to be in order to do this? It caught up with him on round 4, a quick coaching tip and a whole lotta strength got him through this workout in 21:36

20 Box Jumps 26"
10 SDLHP 95lb
5 Muscle-ups

*5rounds for time*


Magoo said...
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Magoo said...

What is SDLHP? Is it Strong and Disciplined enough to Lift Heavy Poundage? Nonetheless, awesome job guys...wish I could have been there to partake in the fun!