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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Man Overboard

Mr. Hill,

Just wanted to let you know your work outs and advise help me lead a group of 75 Boots on the ground Sailors here in the Middle East. Our tour is over in late Spring than we come back home. Keep up the good work and keep the ideas coming.

Thanks Again,

John C. HM2 USN

Emails like this make ya feel good about all the extras; posting up workouts, videos, pictures, output, and having email conversations...It's also a testimony to our Old Town Team; the brand of fitness we've built, the determination and commitment, the community...You never know the ripple like impact of inspiration.


Rob came in for a "make-up" workout yesterday and scored an 18 on Tabata squats. Today his legs were a bit "tender"; he had a hard time hitting depth in the squats...he was working HARD but scored himself a zero on output...how's that for a standard of excellence?

"Man Overboard!"

Credit to Elise who picked this workout up when visiting an affiliate in California. (she missed today and I can't remember who she worked with when over there).

Credit to Diablo CrossFit for coming up with a cool scoring system:
"Calculate a score by adding up all your reps from every round and dividing by the total number of seconds it took to complete all of the rows."

The rower is the pace. The time it takes to row is the time everyone else has to do each movement. If your teammate was fighting to tread water in some nasty current you'd row as fast as possible to get to them...right?

Row 500 Meters
Kettlebell Swings
Barbell Push Press (45W - 75M)

Be sure to check out the crazy OUTPUT from Todays Workout

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Have You seen Magoo's Blog?
He's a witty guy, analyzing his workouts, and making progress!


georgia said...

Magoo was the papa bear today. Thank you for logging such a quick 500...kicked us into high gear knowing you cared so much about the team.

Cara said...

Heh - you know it's a good work out when I'm not even aware of you taking pictures!

Great pictures of Georgia rowing - sadly I'm grimacing in the background since my wrist was hurting me.

Still - great circuit!

Kathryn said...

Squats after row = ouch... :(