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Thursday, December 6, 2007

2 days of Fran

"Fran" asks a lot of questions, is rude, and rarely has us feeling good about her visit...she's also a great barometer to see where we are at physically and mentally.

These last 2 days we put forth a monster effort, congrat's on your progress!

There are too many great stories and too many personal records to name them all. Everyone improved. Most of you used more weight and had less band help on the chins.
(Did you notice the pack and porch weights have increased?)
Because you all stepped it up direct comparison and naming a "Most Improved" is a bit subjective. First I narrowed the field down to 5, (that was tough)...in the end I have to single out Terrence C.

He went from a 20+ minute Fran with 55lb thrusters, (and at the end needing to be scrapped off the mat) to a 13:42 Fran with 65lb thrusters, (and at the end needing to be scrapped off the mat). One heck of an effort.

All time top performances deserve a special mention so congrat's are in order to Mike who improved his personal and class record to 4:54! Jack recorded the 3rd fastest time in class history at 5:45. Vinnie became the 5th Man to hit a sub 7 min Fran. Andrea S. became the 3rd woman in class hisory to hit Pro level weights and recorded the 2nd fastest time ever at 8:58.

All Time Record Board:
Lauris 8:55
Andrea S. 8:58
Adrienne 9:06

Mike 4:54
Eugene 5:24
Jack 5:45
Miles 6:45
Vinnie 6:57
Chriss 7:14
Joel 7:20
Ray 7:24
Danny 10:53
Steven 11:42

Pro is always 65W - 95M
This time pack was 55W - 75M
This time porch was 45W - 65M

21 - 15 - 9
Barbell Thruster and Chin

Finish with a casual 2,000m Row


Mike M said...

Fran is a b****! I'd rather Jerry beat me with a big stick for five minutes in lieu of having to do Fran again any time soon!

Cara said...

It's so weird - this time I went heavier with 45lb instead of 35lb, and a thin band instead of the blue band - but I was nearly 6 minutes slower! Not exactly sure what to make of that...

jack said...

mike, your problem is you're always trying to rush through things, and this is what you get for it. as they say, life is a journey, not destination, and you really should take a moment to enjoy it and quit rushing through everything! just slow down a bit- i assure you you'll have a whole new perspective and it won't be nearly as painful!!!

kidding of course- hell of an effort! i'd love to hear the crossfit main record...not sure how anyone could get much faster...

terrence- phenomenal effort!

Jerry Hill said...


What would your time have been for our LAST Fran if you had used a thin band and 45lbs on thrusters?

Zero, as in did not start...

You are a stronger more capable athlete today because of your hard work and commitment to go for it...today you completed a physical task that was Impossible 3 months ago.

I'll let you in how my brain works; Im thinking 55lb thrusters and no bands for our next Fran...

Cara said...

Thank you Jerry :)

Kathryn said...

Cara I know you can do it... Fran without a band isn't really all THAT bad... :P

Cara said...

Heh - one day! I have to get my chin over the bar ONCE without a band first!! I'll get there :)

Raymond said...

I can't bear to LOOK! You've all made so many awesome improvements! Everyone clearly poured it on for this effort and to the last man and woman should be proud of your work.

Great job everyone!