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Friday, December 7, 2007


There has been discussion about the use of an XVest in training. The XVest can be a great tool to increase performance but not before ensuring proper postural alignment, technique, efficiency and speed of movement. Why overload the body when the previous four have yet to be mastered? Does this make sense?

The implement (XVest, Barbell, Dumbbell...) in our training is merley a tool, the magic is in the movement of our body; range of motion, efficient lines, speed, skill... In the barbell snatch are we moving the barbell from ground to overhead in one continuous motion or violently exploding with the hips in a vertical plane, then quickly reversing directions and diving the hips back down? See where I'm going here? In the air squat do we drop to a barrier (parallel) and stand up or are we working hip efficiency, vertical force production, core stabilization and more?

Certainly if the use of an XVest compromises your postural alignment, alters your range of motion, slows your speed to inefficient patterns then it should not be used. If you want to start training with an XVest a good starting load is 5-10% of bodyweight, err on the lighter side with more technical, ballistic, and speed generating movements. I do not recommend running regularly in a weight vest. Of course a good old Military style mental-physical test like the occasional "Murph" is Awesome. Waging an internal battle and succeeding has such a positive effect on our character and growth, not enough is said or written about this matter as a true virtue of hard physical training. Want to try some "toughness training"? Slap a weight vest on and wear it all day...40lbs will crush you, 20lbs is tough enough...but do not compromise your spinal, shoulder, or hip alignment!

I love the use of the XVest and it certainly has its place. It's a killer for helping pushup, squat, and chinup strength; some of you will be able to use it in these movements while others shouldn’t (yet). I hope this insight helps and that someday soon we have a class full of XVesters who are ready to perform the workout of the day!

The Women in our Class are strong...
You ALL are such an inspiration!

Today's workout was a bit sneaky, just what the doctor ordered after our Fran effort.

3 Rounds of Jumping Cal's

Warmup WOD:
Clock never stops, 7 minutes each:

1. TGU x 3,3 - Pushup x 12

2. DB Snatch x 5,5 - Squat x 20

3. OH Lunge x 5,5 - Situp x 20

Finishing Work:
Chins x 30 sec
L-sit x 30 sec
8 rounds


Jerry Hill said...

Geez, I reread that post and am tempted to delete the entire ramble...I'll leave it up just to cause continue confusion and questions...

joelio said...

i'll tell you what jerry, I won't start my running base with the vest but I will get one for some targeted workouts.