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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Barbell Power Sn Standards

We hit the hang power snatch today in barbell class and sure enough after a few attempts the question arose; "What are goals for the Snatch?"

Gotta love the constant drive of our team!

An estimate number for the power snatch is 75-80% of your max power clean. I say that because there are published standards for the clean, but none that I've seen for the snatch. I think multiplying by .78 is pretty darn close.

Below is a link to a standard Strength Chart published in the CrossFit Journal and developed by Kilgore, Rippetoe, and Pendlay:

Find your body weight under the correct gender and "Power Clean" then multiply .78 across the row to find your current level. Make sense?

Also remember what the authors consider novice through Elite:

"Weightlifting Performance Standards Tables
The standards presented in the following tables represent a performance
that can be reasonably expected of an athlete at various levels of training
advancement using standard full range-of-motion barbell exercises. In the tables
above, the term"untrained" refers to the expected level of strength in a healthy
individual who has not trained on the exercise before but can performit
correctly. This represents the minimum level of strength required to maintain a
reasonable quality of life in a sedentary individual. "Novice" means a person
training regularly for a period of 3-9 months. This strength level supports the
demands of vigorous recreational activities. An "intermediate" is a person who
has engaged in regular training for up to two years. The intermediate level
indicates some degree of specialization in the exercises and a high level of
performance at the recreational level. The term"advanced" refers to an individual
with multi-year training experience with definite goals in the higher levels of
competitive athletics. The term"elite" refers specifically to athletes competing in
strength sports. Less than 1% of the weight training population will attain this

So for a hypothetical Male at 181lb Body weight and Female at 148lb body weight here are my adapted standards for the Power Snatch:

Un-trained 66lbM - 36lbW

Novice 123lbM - 67lbW

Intermediate 151lbM - 79lbW

Advanced 205lbM - 104lbW

Elite 241lbM - 130lbW

AGAIN, before you jump to "Oh My Glory that's Heavy" remember to read the level of dedication to training that goes with each goal.

1 comment:

Cara said...

These are great standards to look at! I posted about it on my blog - but I'm excited to see that I'm right on track with the clean and snatch, and actually ahead of schedule with the DL!