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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Overhead is...OVERHEAD!

I thought we did an incredible job going overhead on the strict press today! We stayed super-tight, drove the bar straight up, and powered our core forward.

Our core strength is through the roof – please tell me that your abs are tight, strong, and (eh hem) in summer shape…cause I see the improvement in the first 2, if the 3rd is in question we need to step up the zone.

As great as a job we did on the strict press we got a bit loose on the push press.
Our problems were part hip extension, softening the core, and shoulder stability.

We need to continue to work on mastering the wave of contraction from hip to core to extremities. A better venue to discuss and practice is in the blue room…

However, I’ll leave you with something to think about; if your first move in the push press is to lean back with the torso instead of dip with the hips you are more likely to lock out in front of you with extra arch in your back verse locked out overhead. Be sure to look at the push press pictures closely to see if you can spot this tendency. Is this muted hip function, core strength, shoulder mobility?

“Back in the day” I used to Rx overhead barbell walks to my athletes with an incomplete lockout perhaps its time to re-instate this medicine…

Adrienne gets back on the bar, Awesome!
Alyce ditches the band and gets over the bar, congrats!
Melanie is feeling good and in a groove!
Harold dials in on his Kip
Mike powers through his ring dips
Bryn goes Pink!
Shelly goes Pink!

Flickr Pictures

Several personal records on the strict press
Be sure to mark a "pr" next to your press number when you record it on the white board!
Stacey set the new CrossFit Oldtown press record at 105lb!
Danny presses 155lb at 130lb bodyweight, are you kidding me?!

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