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Monday, June 2, 2008

Team 5p Snatch Form, Presses and more!

First off, several personal records for 5p tonight!

The opening show was watching Cheryl hit her first pullup...oh, she then hit 5 in a row!
Laura B had a previous best of 4 pullups (established 4-weeks ago) she hit 14 today!
Yes that's right, she went from 4 to 14 in 4-weeks! WOW!
Melissa popped out 12 solid chinups joining the double-digit club!
Jeremy got on the record board with 24 and Mickey with 21, congrats guys!
There were plenty of other PR's...congrats to all!

The Strict Presses looked rock solid also...great progress 5p!

Skill Work: 30 Minutes
Burgener warmup
Barbell Snatch x 5 reps

3 rounds no time limit
Max reps Strict Press
Max reps Pullups

Pro: 55 W, 95 M
Pack: 45 W, 85 M
Porch: 35 W, 65-75 M


Tabata squats

(Total reps of strict press + total reps of pullups)
Lowest Tabata squat interval

Good Stuff!


Leo 1392
Jeremy 1064
Melissa 1020
Laura B 840
Richard 715

Mickey (75lb) 864
Robin 380
Cheryl 380
Brenda 742 green
Brian (65lb) 392 green

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